Your Smile


You are the woman that did everything you could to bring me joy.  I remember as a little girl, you trying to sweetly wake me up singing “Arise and Shine and give God the Glory Glory…” while opening the curtains to my window so that God’s Light could shine through.  Oh, the TORTURE of it all!  I remember you teaching me how to make the bed, fold sheets, and clothes as we conversed about whatever was on my 4-year-old mind.

I remember going to the library with you and being so excited about checking out as many books as I could, especially for the Summer Reading Programs.  I remember you allowing me to watch Annie as much as I could because I wanted to be black Annie, in 1987, in my imagination.  I remember you checking out vinyl records that you would take to record the songs from them so I could sing to them on my Fisher Price Cassette Tape Player in my room.  I remember how you connected the string to the light switch so that I could turn on the light from my bed, and no longer be afraid that something would grab me under the bed at night time.  You were my first date.  We went out every Friday and you introduced me to Cherry Coke.

You taught me my first Easter speech, that you had written.  We dyed Easter Eggs together, while daddy ate most of them. You took me to my first Cafés when we lived in Belgium and when we would travel to Paris, France.  You would allow me a taste of your cappachinos and as I pretended to drink what you had, even though it was Hot Cocoa.  You taught me the difference between eau de perfume and eau de toilette.  You taught me dinner table etiquette, like how to place my knife on the edge of my plate.  You taught me how to vacuum using “elbow grease” and recorded me saying silly things like “I love washing dishes mommy”.  Sadly, you replayed this recording and I soon learned how quickly one’s opinion can change.  You introduced me to so much, Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson, My Fair Lady, Stormy Weather, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Santa Claus, the love of God, being proud to be me, and so much more!

You taught me that boys are fickle, when I experienced my first 7th grade heartbreak.  You taught me that even though a man may say he is a minister, he is still a man, and after 1 thing.  You taught me the importance of wearing a slip and dressing with decency.  You showed me that using God’s Light helps you to see how your make up really looks and how it can be used to check if under garments could be seen through your clothes.  You taught me what to look for in a man and to never settle for anyone.

You have the most beautiful smile I ever seen and wanted.  Your smile lights up any room you enter.  I love your smile and I love you…FOREVER!  Nothing can take this love away!  I gave you the nickname Ladybug not knowing that they symbolize luck.  Well, you have been more than a good luck charm to me, you have been a blessing!

God made you different for a reason.  If you weren’t the way that you are, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You continue to teach me and expose me to many things, that others look at as unnecessary.  I stand out from the crowd because of you even when I struggle to blend in.  There is a reason you opened your world to me and there is a reason I accepted it.  Thank you for helping me to be me.

 I hope you have an awesome Mother’s Day!

-Love Baby Bug


Author: Kat's Eye View

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2 thoughts on “Your Smile”

  1. Thank You BabyBug.You have been and still is My Only True Love….GOD gave me His Greatest Blessing with Jesus Christ and His Next Greatest Earthly Blessing was YOU! This Blog means the World to me. I never knew….you saw me like this. Babybug, I will Treasure this Mother’s Day letter, Always & Forever !!!! I can’t stop the tears from flowing


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